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Growing Oxheart Tomatoes – The Beefiest, Meaty Tomato Around!

If you are looking for a tomato to grow that is big, meaty and full of deep flavor – then you need to be growing Oxheart tomatoes!

These fruits get their unique name from the shape they resemble once they are perfectly ripe. With a broad top half and a slightly narrow, pointed lower half, they look very similar to a wide, triangular heart shape of a large animal such as an ox.

Available in varieties that can ripen to red, pink or even yellow, the tomato is simply packed with flavor. Even better, when given the right growing conditions, the plant doesn’t just produce big fruits, but a lot of them. And as indeterminate tomato variety, it can produce all season long – right up until the first frost!

How to grow oxheart tomatoes
Oxheart tomato varieties get their name from their unique triangle heart-shaped fruits.
The History Of The Oxheart Growing Oxheart Tomatoes

As mentioned, the tomato variety gets it “Oxheart” name because of its unique shape and large size. The history of the Oxheart dates back to the early 1800s when it was reported to have first appeared in Russia. Over time, it became popular all around Europe – and eventually made its way to the United States.

The tomato typically grows to a hefty size. In fact, it is not uncommon to have the fruit weigh one pound or more each! The tomatoes have a thin skin, a soft yet meaty texture, and a well balanced flavor that is not too sweet or acidic.  

Besides enjoying its great taste fresh, Oxheart tomatoes offer a backyard gardener versatility. Their large size means you get a substantial yield from each plant, making them ideal for canning, making soups and more. And the meaty texture stand up well to grilling too. Best of all, they really are easy to grow!

Growing Oxheart Tomatoes

Whether you’re growing Oxheart tomatoes in raised beds,or in the ground, it’s important to start this process once there is no longer any threat of frost. As a large tomato variety, the Oxheart is not a good candidate for container growing. It will struggle if there is not enough soil for its roots to expand

If growing from seed, be sure to start your seeds indoors approximately 8 weeks before your last projected frost date. Oxheart varieties can be hard to find growing as transplants in nurseries and garden centers, so growing from seed is usually the best option. 

tomato plant root system
It’s important to give the plant’s roots plenty of room to grow. Plant Oxheart transplants deep in the soil to allow plenty of room for root growth.

The good news is that once you grow the tomato once, you can easily save its seeds. In fact, by saving seeds each year from your best tomatoes and plants, you can improve the results as the plants get more accustomed to your soil. See: How To Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds. 

Once you are a few weeks away from transplanting your tomatoes outside, it is time to begin to harden them off. This allows the plants to gently get used to the outdoor conditions and toughen up before planting day.

Once plants have reached the 8 week mark of growing or a height of 12 or more inches, then can safely be planted outdoors. Affiliate Product Link : Giantissmo Oxheart Tomato Seeds

Soil & Light – Growing Oxheart Tomatoes

As with all tomato plants, sunlight is critical to their performance. When planting, make sure you locate Oxhearts in an area that will receive at least six to eight hours of sunlight. This is key for their growth and fruit production. 

One thing Oxheart tomatoes need to produce their large and robust fruit is a nutrient filled soil. When planting, amend the soil with plenty of compost. Compost is critical for not only adding nutrients, but allowing the soil to loosen and drain better.

fresh oxheart tomato
Sunlight, water, and nutrient rich soil are key components for a healthy tomato plant. Natural, organic compost is a great addition to soil for a healthy and productive plant.

In addition to compost, adding in worm castings, coffee grounds and a few crushed egg shells to each planting hole will provide plenty of energy for the plants to get off to a good start. Oxheart plants grow big and are heavy with fruit, so planting deep can help give the plants a sturdy root system.

Because these are such large plants, Oxheart tomatoes require a lot of space to grow. When planting multiple plants of this variety, you should space seeds and/or transplants 24 to 36 inches apart.

Water & Fertilizer – Growing Oxheart Tomatoes

To keep plants producing, keeping the plant supplied with proper water and energy is a must. Oxhearts produce a big crop and the tomatoes are big as well – and the plant needs plenty of moisture and nutrients to perform well.

Oxheart tomato plants should be getting between 1 and 1.5 inches of rain or water per week. If rainfall is scarce, hand watering is a must. In addition, supplying the plants with a boost of liquid fertilizer every fourteen to twenty one days will keep the plant powered up.

Use a liquid fertilizer that with a higher phosphorous and potassium makeup than nitrogen. Nitrogen is important for strong growth, but it is the phosphorous and potassium that help the plant to produce fruit.

As with any method of growing, monitor carefully and prune the plants as needed. Pruning up to allow air and light in at the bottom of the plant is vital. This also helps keep pests and disease away, keeping the lower limbs off the surface of the soil.

Support & HarvestingGrowing Oxheart Tomatoes

The plant and fruits of an Oxheart tomato are quite large and heavy. Because of this, supporting your plants by staking, caging or trellising is vital. Pick fruits early and often to keep the plant from becoming top heavy.

This is best in order to keep plants from drooping, stems from breaking and fruits from suffering damage.

Because of their significantly large size and consistent production, Oxheart tomatoes are great for harvesting and preserving in large quantities. This creates a great opportunity to preserve, freeze and store all throughout the summer.

Here is to planting and growing your very own Oxheart tomatoes – and to enjoying their amazing flavor and productivity!

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