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I Grow Tomatoes is a website devoted and dedicated to all things tomato! After years of writing hundreds of articles on tomatoes, Jim and Mary Competti realized that this incredible fruit should have its very own website dedicated to growing, cooking and tomatoes.

Jim and Mary have been writing, speaking and sharing their love of gardening, cooking and all things DIY since late 2011. Co-owners of the popular blog and co-authors of Raised Row Gardening (2018) and Growing Simple (2016), they take an enthusiastic approach to giving straightforward advice on growing everything from vegetables, to perennials, annuals and more!

Jim and Mary Competti

In addition to writing and speaking, Jim and Mary enjoy spending time on their 43 acre Old World Garden Farm, which serves as a test ground for many of their articles, recipes and DIY projects. With the launch of I Grow Tomatoes, they now have a platform to talk about the one vegetable they love to grow more than any other – tomatoes!

Follow along as they share their knowledge through their weekly articles on the beloved tomato – from how to grow great tomatoes in every way possible – right down to amazing canning, freezing and fresh recipes that star tomatoes! Jim and Mary can be reached via email at